FilterPave (1)(2)FilterPave is a system that creates a highly permeable, seamless surface. After a sub-base has been prepared, FilterPave is applied directly onto the base without the need for a layer of asphalt or concrete. This not only saves time during an installation, it also provides a cost-effective solution to a number of paving needs.

Currently, we have six standard colours that you can choose from. If you would like a colour that is not readily available, then we still should be able to help. This low-cost, low-maintenance approach to surfacing is extremely popular with local authorities, care home and schools – anywhere where a person’s safety if a fall occurs is paramount.

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Filterpave – technologically advanced and very, very tough

FilterPave (3)This technological advanced resin is resistant to all forms of damage, including via freezing and thawing. It is also extremely durable, and can withstand weights in excess of 2.7 tonnes. It has a number of practical applications – all manner of public areas, driveways, car parks and access roads. It can also be used as the surfacing solution to tree pits.

FilterPave is also extremely environmentally friendly. The resin that is used is made from one hundred percent recycled glass, and when installed it delivers dynamic results. If you are an architect, civil engineer, planner, local authority representative, landscape designer, housing developer or simply a domestic customer, then FilterPave definitely has the potential to provide an ideal solution for your surfacing needs.

To learn more about FilterPave, or about any of the other surfacing solutions that we provide, then please contact Limegate Specialist Surfacing on 01959 546 208. You can also send us a message to our email inbox:

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