Health and safety

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We do not compromise when it comes to health and safety. Our aim is to be the recognised leader in health and safety within our sector.

At Limegate, we believe there is no conflict between our requirement to keep our workforce and members of the public safe, and our long-term financial success. Nothing that we do is so important that it cannot be done safely. We share our vision of a zero-harm culture with our suppliers and we will only work with supply chain partners who are as committed to safety as we are.

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We require all our employees and suppliers to:

  • Embed health and safety as core elements in all they do
  • Take a lead in requiring and delivering excellent health and safety
  • Work with us to eliminate the risk of serious harm from all our activities
  • Uphold and promote our policies and expected behaviours
  • Be intolerant of unsafe behaviour, short cuts and unplanned work
  • Support those who challenge unsafe practices and hold people to account if they don’t comply with our policies
  • Insist that everyone is involved, informed and engaged about health and safety
  • Challenge, learn and innovate in order to reduce risk
  • Report potentially unsafe incidents and injuries, and to investigate these fully in order to learn from them
  • Come to work in a fit condition