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Groundworks are classified as any part of an external resurfacing project that occurs beneath the ground. Limegate undertakes all aspects of groundworks and civil works to ensure that projects are Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) compliant. This includes excavations, sub-base preparation for asphalt or concrete bases, soakaways, manholes and draining channels.

Limegate groundworks processes

What does
SuDS compliance mean?

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are designed to manage the drainage of surface water within the environment. Measures such as resin bound surfaces, soakaways and draining channels can be deployed to either slow or absorb rainwater, reducing the demand on existing drainage systems and avoiding water run-off. As the UK’s climate changes, SuDS compliance is likely to become more and more important as it offers a means to prevent flooding within urban environments and to reduce the risk of water pollution.

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Limegate groundworks processes

Preparing for a
SuDS-compliant surface

We can complete all the necessary preparations for your new SuDS-compliant surface, including excavating existing material and installing a suitable sub-base. We ensure that all groundworks are carried out at the correct depth and to the correct specifications so that everything is in place for your new surface to be installed successfully. Our industry expertise will minimise the risk of issues developing in future that could damage your new surface or require expensive rectification work.

Other measures for SuDS compliance

Our team can also install a number of other drainage measures, including soakaways, manholes and draining channels, that will help ensure that your project or business is SuDS compliant by managing the flow of surface water into drainage systems or the ground.

Case studies

From national landmarks and heritage sites, to iconic public spaces and the UK head offices of global conglomerates, the Limegate group of companies has safely and reliably installed specialist surfaces within an array of widely recognised locations.