Wet pour rubber surfacing

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Wet pour rubber surfacing is a popular choice for sports grounds, safety playgrounds, schools, golf courses, pathways and swimming pool surrounds. This all-season-use, quick draining, cushioned surface is extremely low maintenance, safety certified (CFH) and utilises environmentally friendly, recycled materials. Wet pour EPDM rubber surfacing is available in a wide range of colours and allows for the installation of creative designs that are suitable for their environment.

Wet park playground

What is
wet pour rubber surfacing?

Wet pour rubber surfacing involves mixing rubber granules with a polyurethane formulated binding resin so that all the granules are fully coated. This mixture is then applied by hand over a suitable sub-base such as asphalt, concrete or SBR shockpad where critical fall height (CFH) is required, to create a safe, smooth and colourful surface that, if desired, can seamlessly incorporate a range of designs. Wet pour rubber surfaces are slip-resistant, low maintenance and impact absorbing, making them perfect for areas where safety is paramount such as playgrounds and swimming pool surrounds.

Want to know more?

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Why choose
wet pour rubber surfacing?

  • Impact absorbingThe impact-absorbing properties of wet pour rubber surfaces make them the ideal safety-conscious choice, as they reduce the risk of injury when children fall over. The surfacing can also be installed on top of an SBR granule shockpad to provide further cushioning in areas where children risk falling from greater heights, in line with Critical Fall Height (CFH) industry standards.
  • Plenty of colour choiceOur wet pour rubber surfaces are available in a wide range of colours and, if desired, can incorporate a number of designs. This makes them perfect for children’s playgrounds and other similar locations where there is a need to balance safety with a highly decorative finish.
  • DurableWet pour rubber surfaces are durable and hardwearing, making them the ideal choice for areas such as playgrounds and sports grounds where they need to be able to withstand frequent use. They also require very little maintenance, ensuring that they’re a sensible investment in terms of time and money.
  • Environmentally friendlyThe rubber granules used within our wet pour rubber surfaces are made from recycled materials. They also form a porous surface which, when installed on top of a suitable sub-base such as open-textured asphalt or no fines concrete, allows water to filter naturally into the ground.

Other benefits of wet pour rubber surfacing:

Slip resistant

Absorbs noise as well as impact

SuDS compliant when installed on top of a suitable surface

Case studies

From national landmarks and heritage sites, to iconic public spaces and the UK head offices of global conglomerates, the Limegate group of companies has safely and reliably installed specialist surfaces within an array of widely recognised locations.