At Limegate SpPermeable Paving (1)ecialist Surfacing we specialise in a number of permeable paving solutions which deal with water run-off as near to the source as is possible, Water can easily pass through the blocks of the surfacing and into the sub layer beneath. This prevents water from gathering on the surface itself, which in turn helps to prevent flooding and other hazards. We can offer both commercial and domestic customers a range of solutions to match with the aesthetic appeal of their home or business premises. We can combine permeable paving with our other surfacing solutions to create a driveway that is truly individual.

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The benefits of permeable paving:

Run-off control

Conventional pavements and surfacing solutions are designed simply to shed water from their surface, whereas permeable paving allows the water to pass through it and back into the ground below.

You can also use permeable paving to handle run off from nearby or over-hanging impermeable areas such as roofs, safely and effectively shifting water away from where it is not desired without the cost of a dedicated drainage system.

Pollution control

Permeable paving can help to reduce pollutants from collecting upon your surfacing. Pollutants are simply washed away when it is raining. If a dry spell persists, then a hosepipe can be used to quickly wash away the pollutants from the surfacing and away into the sub-base.

Around eighty percent of all suspended solids and hydrocarbons can be removed this way following the installation of permeable paving. This reduces the threat of staining because of pollutants, or the need for expensive cleaning agents.

Efficient use of space

Permeable paving is an extremely space-efficient solution that’s ideal for areas with a large number of tightly-packed buildings. By using natural rainfall as a removing agent, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Conventional paving usually means that additional drainage systems have to be installed to deal with water removal. Permeable paving negates this cost.

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