Tree Pit Systems (1)Where there are trees in urban areas, there are usually tree pits. These are ‘spaces’ in paved areas where trees have been planted. At Limegate Specialist Surfacing, we can help with the installation of tree pit systems to areas that have already been paved, or as part of a complete re-surfacing project.

Most urban areas have areas that are lined with trees. Some installers plump for a metal grill solution, but such grills are susceptible to theft and oxidisation. In addition, they trap litter, and can be a trip hazard – especially to dogs and small children.

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At Limegate Specialist Surfacing we can help you with alternatives to metal tree grills

As an alternative, we can supply resin bound gravel tree pits. They are highly permeable and look wonderful. They are also anti-slip and anti-trip, and require little to no maintenance. As an additional benefit, they allow root irrigation and access to air.

At Limegate Specialist Surfacing we use a larger than normal aggregate – usually around a ten millimetre grade – which we bind with a UV stable resin. This is similar to the way in which we create resin bound gravel driveways, although tree pits tend to be deeper (in excess of fifty millimetres) to account for the lack of a fixed sub-base, and also to ensure a high compressive strength.

For newly-installed trees, a plastic collar is installed around the base of the new tree, which is then in-filled using loose gravel. This ensures that the quick growth of the tree does not cause any damage to the tree pit.

To learn more about resin bound tree pits, please contact us here at Limegate Specialist Surfacing on 01959 546 208. You can also send us a message to our email address:

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